P3Bootcamp is an intensive one-day learning session that teaches public- and private-sector leaders how partnerships work and the proven strategies for assembling successful projects. Instructors for the P3Bootcamp series are leaders within the field and working on the biggest, most innovative projects today.  Faculty includes well-respected government officials and executives from the legal, financial, consulting, insurance and real estate fields.


P3Bootcamp Program

When you attend a P3Bootcamp, you’ll experience informative panel discussions on topics similar to the below. Click here to download the Los Angeles P3Bootcamp agenda.

The Framework of Public-Private Partnerships & First Steps in the Process 

  • What is a P3?
  • Reasons to consider a P3.
  • Sectors where P3s are used.
  • Understanding what a P3 can and cannot do.
  • How do P3s differ from traditional privatization and procurement processes?

Identifying and Developing a P3 Project 

  • What attracts the private sector to P3 projects?
  • Evaluating whether a project is a suitable candidate for a P3.
  • Considering options for P3 approaches.
  • Formulating the project based on the agency’s needs.
  • Identifying and allocating risk.

The Procurement Process/Best Practices 

  • Overview of the procurement process.
  • Running a transparent procurement while maintaining the confidentiality of bidders.
  • Timing of the procurement and the status of the environmental/permitting process.

P3 Financing 

  • What tools are available, and how to evaluate which tools are most appropriate to a particular project.
  • What are the key elements/issues/structures involved in financing a P3?
  • What do equity investors and lenders look for in a project?
  • What do practitioners need to see in a structure to make a deal work?

P3 Market Trends 

  • Where is the P3 market headed?
  • What sectors are primed for P3 growth?
  • How will the market trends affect your approach to projects?

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